What is it?

The Healthcare Team Fitness Test is a reliable assessment that helps to improve team performance and the quality of patient care by measuring The 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team, and by providing teams and leaders with a process for identifying their team’s growth opportunities, for recognizing their strengths, and for taking action to improve performance.


The Origins of The Healthcare Team Fitness Test

The Healthcare Team Fitness Test is based on 25 years of research in team performance in the private and public sectors. More recently, between 2004 and 2008 we conducted two research projects for the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of what constitutes a patient safety culture, high performance healthcare teams, and effective communication between healthcare workers. 18 healthcare facilities in Canada and the United States participated in the research.

The outcomes of both projects, along with the work we have conducted with healthcare teams and leaders for the past 25 years, supported our identification of the behaviours and practices most essential for a healthcare team to work to its fullest potential and led to the development of the Healthcare Team Fitness Test. The Healthcare Team Fitness Test was tested for its reliability in 2014 by St. Louis University and was found to be highly reliable.

The 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team

Your healthcare teams can achieve greater results with greater ease.