Here’s Why it Works.

It is based on 25 years of research and experience.

While our roots are in strengthening healthcare team effectiveness, our work and research has supported teams and leaders across a wide range of industries to significantly improve team and leadership performance for over 25 years.

The research, team tools and team development process that form the foundation of The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool are included in our book Improving Healthcare Team Performance: The 7 Requirements for Exceptional Patient Care which is now required reading in Royal Roads’ Masters of Health Leadership program. Our team and leadership models have also been published in a dozen books, some of which have been used by MBA programs and Medical Schools and as handbooks for leaders in organizations such as Toronto East General Hospital and IBM.

It strengthens the areas most critical to healthcare team performance.

Since 1987 we have been answering the question:

“What makes the difference between teams that achieve exceptional results with ease and those that struggle to keep up?”

And in 2004 we asked a second question:

 “Are healthcare teams different from other types of teams?”

(Our answer is YES)

Over the past 10 years we have conducted two research projects for the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of what constitutes a patient safety culture, high performance healthcare teams, and effective communication between healthcare workers. 18 healthcare facilities in Canada and the U.S. participated in the research. The outcomes of both projects, along with our ongoing research and the work we have conducted with teams and leaders for the past 25 years, supported our identification of the behaviours and practices most essential for a healthcare team to work at its full potential and led to the development of the tools and resources included within The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool.

Team Modules have been tested and retested, again and again.

Each and every Team Module included in the Healthcare Team Fitness Tool has been designed and used by us to strengthen healthcare team performance for at least 10 years.  We know the Team Modules produce powerful team experiences that enable action because we have tested, retested and retested again and again to be sure that they work.

We also recognize the time constraints healthcare teams face and so have designed Team Modules of varying lengths from 15 minutes to 3 hours to better accommodate scheduling challenges.

It creates greater engagement and accountability.

In most instances team members have opinions about what needs to change in their team. Few, however, have knowledge of what is required for high performance teamwork. Without this knowledge, even when a team is consciously trying to improve, it is likely that critical aspects that may be blocking team performance will be overlooked. The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool ensures that team members understand the behaviours and practices that create high performance teamwork in a healthcare environment, focuses the team’s attention on the areas that will bring the greatest return and creates team and individual accountability for the team’s development.

It is a complete team development system.

The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool goes far beyond the team assessment and gives you the tools you need to take quick and ongoing action to improve the performance of any number of teams.

It does the work for you.

Team development takes time and resources and as a result many HR professionals and team leaders are unable to support as many teams as they would like and as effectively as they would like. The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool provides a simple yet powerful process, provides the tools and guidance, and does much of the legwork for you so that you can focus your attention on the team’s real needs without spending time in analysis and instructional design.

Improved healthcare team performance is within your reach.

Find out how.

“The program put building blocks in place for the team to work cohesively with one another” 

The team really enjoyed the team building activities and the outcomes that came from their sharing of experiences, good or bad.  After the team had team building sessions under their belt, they felt comfortable speaking with their coworkers when they were in a conflict situation.  Staff also felt comfortable calling one another on behaviors.  One example that comes to mind is hearing them asking one another if what they are saying was an assumption.  Because they were all hearing the same message and working from the same song book, it made it “ok” for the team to have open honest discussions with one another without facilitation.   The program put building blocks in place for the team to work cohesively with one another.


Leonora Crawford
Clinic Operations, Hamilton Health Sciences Center